AWS Read Only Access

Performing the cloud audit risk assessment requires creating a read-only access account to the AWS environment.

This type of account will allow us to conduct the audit and read the configuration without risking the environment.

Please follow these steps to create the account:

1. Type IAM in the search box and select it.

2. At the IAM dashboard (left side of the screen), select the Users section and then click on the Add User button.

3. Enter a user name and enable the Programmatic Access checkbox and AWS Management Console access checkbox.

4. Click the Next: Permissions button.

5. Select the Attach existing policies directly button, then type ReadOnlyAccess to filter policies.

6. Move down until the policy “ReadOnlyAccess” shows and select the checkbox.

7. Click the Next: Tags button.

8. Skip the Tags page and click the Next: Review button.

9. Review the user details of the read-only account and click the Create User button.

10. Click on the Download .CSV button to download a CSV with all relevant details.

11. Provide Clear Gate the CSV file in a ZIP password protected file.