Cyber Risk Assessment

Optimizing Security Controls
for Maximum Robustness


As private data regarding individuals is collected via online services, organizations are required to test the effectiveness of their security controls regularly. This process will ensure that the data is well protected against cyber-attacks.

Our Cybersecurity services evaluate the robustness of security controls by performing penetration tests:

  • Web and Mobile Application Penetration Tests according to OWASP
  • IT Infrastructure Penetration Tests: Cloud, Wireless and Remote access
  • Breach and Attack Simulations
  • Internal and External Penetration Testing.
Clear Gate Provides Cybersecurity Services
cybersecurity services


Organizations implement controls to mitigate cyber risks. In many cases, these controls are misconfigured, partially enforced, or do not even exist, thus, creating security gaps that can be exploited by adversaries.

An audit process will discover security gaps via examination of security controls and suggest an effective remediation plan. The following Cybersecurity services are provided during the security audit:

  • Configuration Review for IT Security
  • Technological and Procedural Gap Analysis
  • Security Code Review
  • Secure Architecture Design.


In a scenario in which all security controls have failed to stop a threat, and a security event has occurred, we provide a fast, well-trained team to respond to the risk.

We are responsible for fully containing the threat, investigate the root cause of the occurrence, and provide an effective plan to mitigate similar risks in the future:

  • Response to Insider Threat
  • Response to Server Compromise
  • Response to Malware (e.g., Remote Access Tool, Ransomware)
  • Digital Forensics for Computer and Mobile Crime.
cybersecurity services

Why Assess Cyber Risks?

Our Cybersecurity services via cyber risk assessments will assist organizations to comply with the requirements of various laws, regulations, and rules.

Once the process is established and maintained,  legal or regulatory sanctions will not be a risk anymore, and the chances of financial loss or damage to reputation will be mitigated.