Clear Gate

Clear Gate Role In Your Protection

Clear Gate is an Israeli-based cyber-security and research company. Our expertise is to assist organizations in accomplishing a full risk assessment process according to NIST standard:

  • Identify Cybersecurity risks
  • Protect from Cyberattacks
  • Detect suspicious activity
  • Respond to security events.

Every organization is exposed to different threats and consists of a unique business. Therefore, understand that each organization needs an adjustable, “tailor-made” risk identification process and a remediation plan.

Why Clear Gate


Our cyber-security staff has vast experience in the field by practice and education in cyber-security. We recruit the most motivated, “out-of-the-box” thinkers and provide them with state-of-the-art tools to deliver great products.

Research &

We never stop exploring cyber-security. Using our cutting-edge research lab, we developed a variety of tools and methodologies that provide us with a significant advantage to efficiently identify risks, beyond traditional methods.

Top Quality

The product is what it’s all about. We believe that it should be comprehensive, yet easy to understand for all sides, executives, and the technical teams. Our remediation plan is simple and based on effectiveness and cost-saving.

Meet Our Team


David Davidoff


David brings over a decade of hands-on experience in cyber-defense technologies research and examination of their efficiency with mitigating cyber-attacks. Previously, David was a senior security consultant in Maglan and developed methods to discover and decrease critical cyber-security gaps. David holds a bachelor’s degree in management information systems, specializing in project management.


Rami Avrahami


During his ten years career as an Ethical Hacker, Rami had discovered numerous vulnerabilities in products and advanced persistent threats (APT) in global enterprises. He investigated challenging digital forensic cases, in which he also served as an expert witness in courts. Rami is responsible for the development of unique offensive tools, which allow Clear Gate to provide the highest level of penetration testing.

Our Trusted Frameworks